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The pen is grows when you pull on it

The pen is also grows when you twist it

Give it a tug

Compact when closed

Perfect when opened

C o l o u r s


D1 refills

Stainless Steel Engineering


St├╝bby is a pen whose tip extends counter-intuitively when pulled. While seemingly magical, it is. If it's difficult for you to fathom how it's possible, you should buy St├╝bby and simply indulge in the magic of it.

St├╝bby features a predominantly stainless steel construction that has a pleasant heft in the hand. All parts are fabricated to difficult-to-believe precisions, then exquisitely hand-assembled with unbelievably good-looking hands.

The art of hand-writing is still aliving and thriving. And—as with any art form—the more varied the palette of instruments, the more profound the composition. Tug on St├╝bby and let the coda of your masterpiece gush forth!


How does St├╝bby work?

Simply pull each half of the pen apart to reveal the tip.

No. I mean, how does it even work?

St├╝bby features an intricate reverse linear motion mechanism within its shaft.

Does St├╝bby write well?

St├╝bby writes very well, technically, but the quality of the writing depends on the writer. Nevertheless, the experience of using it is pure ecstasy.

What is the gamut of colors and finishes?

St├╝bby's base material is stainless steel and is finished with a PVD coating. Visit the online store to see what colors are available.

Can St├╝bby be refilled?

St├╝bby sometimes peters out after excessive exertion. But don't worry… a D1 refill will get it back up and running in no time. To refill, unscrew the tip, exchange refills, then rescrew the tip.

Who is the genius that invented this?

Sherwood Forlee is the inventor of St├╝bby and other good stuff and nice things.