A simple pen

That's done all the thinking for you

Polished steel with a golden finish

Measures 158mm long × 7mm wide

Easy to open to refill

Uses D1 refills

Includes a look-alike magnetic cap

That fits on both ends


Like others his age and older, Sherwood Forlee grew up not having a keyboard with which to write instantaneously gratifying (or mortifying) thoughts and messages. As such, he retains a fondness and attachment for instruments of writing, especially the once-ubiquitous HB pencil, his trusty and foolhardy companion in numerous battles against standardized exams.

Sherwood first conceived of Denky after chipping his central incisor on a salad fork while lost in thought about something he can't remember. The ineffable pain and the missing fragment of a front tooth served as a lesson that thinking and chewing on metal should not be concurrent activities. And thus was born Denky… the thinking person's writing instrument that's already riddled with ruminations so that you can forgo chipped teeth and just write.

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