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Intentionally is a pocket-sized notebook that states the obvious when the obvious needs to be stated.

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A notebook with… blank pages?

We have designed this game-changing notebook with all pages explicitly labeled as being intentionally left blank. Now, the user no longer needs to wonder whether any of the pages were accidentally (or serendipitously) left blank. Knowing that the pages are blank with intention will bestow the necessary confidence upon the user to use each page to its fullest intentionality.

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Every page is intentionally blank.

Is this notebook for me?

Yes. This notebook is suitable for professional writers who think they have a story, amateurs who know they have a story, those who have always wanted to journal, and those who have never wanted to journal but have been told to by their therapists.

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"On the bright side, there's still enough time to start journaling…"

What makes Intentionally such a versatile vessel for capturing thought? Simple—it's because each page has been intentionally left blank and intentionally marked as such. Not a fan of being bound by the lines of a ruled notebook? Feeling boxed in by grids? Dots giving you a case of trypophobia? Then Intentionally is what you need to let your mind and pen roam free.

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Guidance provided by the Writers Guild of Write Righting.

Award pending design

Intentionally comes in two exquisite flavors: Serif and Sans-Serif.

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Serif version on the left and sans-serif on the write.

The Serif edition features a bright white satin cover that accentuates the product's eponymous title, which has been finely set in a sensuously sophisticated serif typeface. The Sans-Serif edition features the same title but in a decidedly bold and punchy sans-serif typeface that floats effortlessly upon the comforting creamy-colored matte cover.

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We've selected the perfect shades of white.

And it must be remarked that both editions contain the same silky smooth writing surfaces within. It has been said that writing in Intentionally makes one wonder whether the nib of the pen is being personally pushed, or preternaturally pulled…

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Intentionally's great writing paper is sourced from the greatest ancientest rarest trees.

Finally, it would be folly to ignore the perfect profile of Intentionally, which slips into the drawers of your clothes so easily that it cannot be helped but to stow it away only with the intent of pulling it back out when you think someone might notice and wonder what deep thoughts you are recording.

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Width: 3.5in (89mm)
Height: 5.5in (140mm)
Material: Paper
Paper Color: White
Ink Color: Black
Page Count: 64
Sheet Count: 32
Cover: 200gsm
Page: 80gsm


Prior to their serendipitous (and fortuitous) meeting in 2016, Dr Greg Robbins of the University of North Carolina and Sherwood Forlee of Princeton University each had been attempting to develop the ultimate notebook, but alas, to no avail. It was only after countless collaborative experiments—and failed attempts—that they finally achieved a momentous breakthrough. Now, they are sharing the fruits of their passion and labor with you. Enjoy!

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For sale. On sale. Buy now.