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If there's a rhyme to Sherwood's body of work, it's fun. If there's a reason, it's a non sequitur.

Sherwood's formative years were spent in Harare where a lack of friends cultivated in him an unruly imagination and a knack for extracting fun from seemingly mundane things. Today, he is regarded as one of the most cheeky designers of his time whose works and concepts have been feted by the likes of the MoMA and the New York Times.

Originally intending to be a concert classical pianist, Sherwood instead pursued a degree in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering at Princeton University. He later went on to consult for top-tier creative agencies including IDEO, Smart Design, frog, and the Arnell Group. Today, Sherwood is unemployed.

An intrinsic curiosity, a penchant for the absurd, and an ostensible disregard for rules are what define Sherwood's current sensibilities. His works are unique, thought-provoking, and sometimes controversial. He's been lauded as a "design wunderkind" by some, but also vilified as a "hare-brained nincompoop" by others. Nevertheless, being the hare-brained nincompoop that he really is, Sherwood doesn't rest on his laurels nor does he allow criticism to deter his whimsy.

Sherwood's grand ambitions are to one day become a humble keeper of a nut butter shop. His love for the delicious and nutritious spreads are superseded only by the golden dream maker that is beer.


NYC-inspired humidity

Billow is a USB-powered tabletop aroma diffuser and humidifier that moisturizes the air around you with a cool gentle mist. Modeled after the iconic steam stacks of New York City, Billow is the functional accessory to have for anyone who ❤s NY.

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Bandages that hurt… to look at

With five gruesome designs adorning the exterior of these adhesive bandages, Boo-Boos make your minor cuts and scrapes look so much worse than they really are. If they don't, get yourself to the hospital, stat!

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Obsolescence obsoleted

Articulate breathes new life into old smartphones by transforming them into articulating lamps. Using a combination of machined and stamped aluminum and metalized 3D-printed ABS, Articulate can accommodate any phone without resorting to a one-size-fits-all aesthetic. The result is a beautifully modern accessory that pays homage to yesterday's technology.

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Lunch Bags

Deter lunch theft the clever way

Anti-Theft Lunch Bags are the original theft-deterring sandwich bags that scare away would-be lunch bandits while maintaining the integrity of your food. Simply slip your food inside a bag to give it a moldy makeover. Now, you really can have your cake and eat it, too!

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NYC Walls

Graffiti sans jail time

Instead of blank white pages, the Walls Notebook contains images of clean New York City walls—from the Lower East Side to the Upper West Side—for you to practice your pieces on before throwing-up the real the deal.

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Seeing green

Financial Padding is a fun and green alternative to packing peanuts. Resembling crumpled up US paper currency, any recipient is bound to be thoroughly delighted then thoroughly disappointed when opening a package stuffed with these. When your gift needs extra padding, give it Financial Padding.

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Speakers that "speak"

Resembling cartoon speech bubbles, Speak‑er is not only the cutest pair of audio speakers ever made, but also—as Engadget puts it—"the most awesome set of desk speakers this planet has ever known". Constructed from reinforced ABS and steel, these speakers are small in stature but mighty in sound and spirit.

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Hifi headphones

As a senior mechanical engineer at frog, Sherwood helped bring to life the Hinge for Polk Audio. At home or on the go, the Hinge provides better sound, comfort, and convenience than any other headphone out there.

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Sided Jar

Don't flip out. Flip over.

Anyone that's tried to scoop out the last remaining morsels from the bottom of a jar knows just how frustrating it can be. The Double-Sided Jar remedies this grievance by providing two entry points instead of one: the conventional mouth up top, and a new and exciting entrance down below.

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New Lamp

Architecture for your nightstand

When the New Museum on Bowery first opened its doors, missing was the exterior glow that early renderings had shown it to have. The New Lamp resolves this inconsistency by serving a comfortable soft white light through its translucent walls. And like the actual building itself, it makes for an outstanding statement in any home or office.



Get a grip

Sherwood has OXO to thank for helping to kickstart his love for good design. As a green-behind-the-ears design engineer at Smart Design, Sherwood worked alongside some of the best designers in the world to design and develop a wide assortment of home and kitchen tools for OXO that were superbly functional yet beautiful at the same time. This was truly "design thinking" at its finest.

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The handsome firefighter

The HomeHero is the best looking fire extinguisher ever made. Designed to sit pretty on the kitchen counter instead of hidden at the back of a cupboard, its readily available to fight fires at a moment's notice.

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Mouth-watering purchases

With the aim of helping businesses create lasting impressions with their customers, Sherwood was engaged by GRAPH to transform the bland and forgettable white receipt into an eye-catching and memorable souvenir. Customers now get a mouth-watering treat with every purchase.

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Lactose intelligence

Milk is an amazingly versatile food product, being responsible for cheeses, curds, butters, creams, yoghurts, and more. Learn how all these dairy products are derived from milk with the Dairy Products Poster, and see how milk helps you build not only a strong body, but a strong brain as well.

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The Extra

Exceeding expectations

If you've ever completed a half- (13.1 miles) or full-marathon (26.2 miles), there's no shame in showing off your achievement with a bumper sticker. What some people don't realize, however, is just how much effort goes into running and finishing a race. Show people you gave 100+% with one of these fun car bumper magnets.

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Time is of the essence

Bucket Lister is a goal-setting app that pits you and your goals against the indomitable opponent called time. Using statistics from the CIA World Factbook, the amount of time you have left to live is displayed prominently so that you'll get started doing what you want to do instead of simply wishing to do what you want to do.

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Pixel perfection

Skind is a utility app that helps designers and programmers develop pixel-perfect apps. Simply upload the designer's mockup and a screenshot from the actual app and Skind will onionskin the two images to reveal where the imperfections lay.

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Flipbooks the easy way

Cineflips is an easy-to-use online service that lets you turn almost any video or GIF into real physical flipbooks. All you need is a link to the animation that you want to convert into a flipbook. No longer do you have to buy trite greeting cards when you can gift people with the magic of a moving-image book.

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Conservation by design

African wildlife conservationists at Mount Etjo Safari Lodge in Namibia needed a custom app to quickly and easily record the number and type of animals on their premises while flying a helicopter. Sherwood helped design and develop a cross-platform responsive app that will streamline their conservation efforts.

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Save the

Don't use your brain. Use your phone.

Save the Date is a mobile app that uses image and optical character recognition to capture salient information—such as date, time, venue, and price—from any event poster or flyer that you snap a photo of. The event is then automatically added to your calendar. Instead of scanning QR codes, trying to memorize details, or tediously typing in information, you can now just snap a pic and go.

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Digital booty

Raidarrr! is a social location-based application that allows users to "drop" and retrieve digital files at specific physical locations. The app was selected by Startupbootcamp to participate in its inaugural Berlin-based accelerator program.

Defunct project

Par Avion


The Par Avion T-shirt features the time-honored red, white, and blue airmail markings along all of its seams. If you're prone to having your head in the clouds, why not dream in comfort and style?

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The bigger the better

If you've ever wondered what the pocket on the front of your T-shirt is useful for, then the Pocket Shirt will have you wondering what it's not useful for. Lose the backpack and carry everything up front instead.

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Happy feet

As an avid dancer himself, Sherwood gladly accepted an invitation to reinterpret the male tap dancing shoe for the modern day. By augmenting a pair of classic Reeboks with a custom plate-capturing mechanism, various flats of metal, plastic, or wood can be quickly affixed and removed. The result is a fashion-forward shoe that is both for daily-use as well as bustin' loose.

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